Apr 29, 2009

About the Boys

I have received comments that the boys of the house don't get as much airplay on this here blog as Little Miss. True, true. I mean, she is star quality and she is an attention hog and she is super darn cute in photos, but the boys are easy on the eyes too.

So, I was taking some shots of this one outside. 
He needed a picture for work and I wanted to be able to take the shot from above. Since he is six feet tall and I am 5'4" on a tall day, I asked him to squat down in front of the cement wall.

Little Man was immediately curious and wanting to be just like his Daddy he started squatting in front of the same wall. 
Thing is I don't really need him to squat to get a shot of him from above. 

However, his cooperation was duly noted and will count towards extra ice cream tonight should he finish his dinner.


  1. Rebecca - your little guy is adorable! And your hubby isn't hard on the eyes either! LOL! Awesome shots!

  2. awww!! Rebecca you're guys are adorable!!! :D Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! You're a DOLL!!!

    Have a happy day!