May 10, 2009


I was in the bedroom, putting clothes away and I heard this conversation between Little Miss and her Daddy while she was taking a bath:

So why do we have Mother's Day?

LM: I dont know. Can you tell me?

You know. You were just telling me the other day. What do we do on Mother's Day?

LM: On Mother's Day we celebrate our Mommies.


LM: Because we love them SOOOOO much.

What do you love about Mommy? 

LM: ...

What does Mommy do that makes you happy?

LM: She takes me to the fountain. She reads me books. She puts band aids on my boo boos. She takes me in the pool.

What about how she feeds you and makes sure you get a good nap and takes care of you.

LM: Yeah.... but I REALLY like when she takes me in the pool because that makes me so happy.

Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. That is the sweetest evah! What a gift! I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day. That's an adorable photo!