Apr 21, 2009

Eighties Dress Up Day

So it made me feel a bit old when I saw that Little Miss's preschool calendar included an 80's dress up day this month. I mean 60's or 70's dress up day--fine. But 80's?? Wasn't that like last year? After quick calculation I realized that 1980 was actually over 20 (sharp intake of breath) years ago. When did that happen?

But, Little Miss was thrilled to be involved in 80's dress up day, although she continued to call it "Ladies Dress Up Day." I honestly don't know where she has ever even heard the word LADY?! But when I explained that she would be dressing up like Mommy did when Mommy was younger she was pretty excited. And when she realized she got to wear all 20 bangle bracelets, a side pony tail and leggings as pants, she was over the moon. Here she is in all her 80's glory...


  1. Man, she is adorable!!
    80's...I know..seems like just yesterday! eek!

  2. How fun. She is such a cutie. Have a great day! Amy Tara

  3. I know!!! Just thinking about it makes me feel old! She is so darling!!!!!