Jan 12, 2009

Already behind...

All my new years resolutions (the ones I was public about and the ones I kept to myself) have not been attended to in the past 2 weeks. I swore up and down last week that come hell or high water I was going to the gym. Then Little Man puked all over his crib during his nap, stayed up all night coughing and finally had to be dragged down to the doctor for his first bout of antibiotics. Fortunately, he is feeling much better, but as a family I don't think we have had all four people healthy since....November! Seriously. The winters are hideous when you live with small people--they are germ magnets.

Anyway, Little Miss has not had to miss any school yet and as a matter of fact I attended her first parent/teacher conference. It was nice to be able to chat with her teacher one on one and hear how wonderful she is while at school. I almost didn't say anything, but I did tell her teacher, "Not that I want her to be a bully or really pushy, but I kind of wish she would take a little bit out on someone besides ME." Oh well, here is one of her school pictures. (Don't worry family--I am going to finally send these out with the christmas thank you cards--re-read that first paragraph if you're wondering why you haven't gotten them yet.)

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