Jan 2, 2009

I Resolve...

No, I am not letting you in on my corny new years resolutions, the ones where I resolve to go the gym every day and not ingest any white sugar, the ones that don't even last 24 hours... but I am resolving to try and keep you all updated on our happenings here. I am determined to post here once a week. For those of you whom I don't get to talk to that often, I am hoping that this will help us stay more connected.  

You can subscribe to the feed of this blog so you get it in email form whenever I post. Or if you follow other blogs too, I highly recommend Google Reader.
If you sign up for a Google id, you can use the reader option which allows you to input all the addresses of the blogs you read. Then instead of checking each blog individually, you simply sign onto your google account, open the reader and see a list of all the blogs you follow and indications of which blogs have new messages. It is awesome and I am able to check in on tons of various blogs in a few minutes each day.

So without further ado... here are a few priceless pictures from Christmas, which was a blast this year--both kids really got a kick out of the whole present thing and Little Miss is ALL about Santa now.

1 comment:

  1. The resolution I made and can keep was not to make one. lol

    Little Miss is adorable.

    I love the hat she reminds me of a baker. Ah is she making magic cookies?

    Little Man has that look of Ah, What do we have here....ummmmm!!!

    Just great...