Feb 17, 2023

Arrtx 126 Colored Pencils! Budget Friendly Color Pencils for Card Makers!

Arrtx has a colored pencil set of 72 colored pencils that compete well with Prismacolor because they are creamy, blend well, create a smooth effect at a great cost. The only upside to spending more money on Prismacolor was that they came in more colors.

But now, Arrtx has released their 126 Colored Pencil Set!

They come with the original 72 colors and add in tons of mid tones, making it even easier to create blended effects.

As a beginner, I love how easy these pencils are to use to color in stamped images.

And as a fan of bright colors I love the options that are available in this set.

Be sure to check out my review of these pencils and how I used them to make those two cards in today's video:

And you can find links to the pencils and ability to purchase them in several countries below. Thanks for stopping by!

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