Sep 26, 2022

Trying Out Budget Friendly Acrylic Markers - Arrtx 30 Acrylic Marker Set

If you love the look of acrylic markers but did not want to spend a ton of money to try them out, you need to see the Arrtx 30 Acrylic Marker set.

These acrylic markers are bright and opaque and work well on light and dark color cardstock. The 30 colors are a full set with several tones of each color.

You can use acrylic markers on a variety of surfaces.

These markers pop on black cardstock.

But they also work well on acetate so you can use them on shaker windows.

They also work beautifully on vellum.

Check out these techniques and cards in today's video:

And you can find links to the markers and supplies I used below. Thanks for stopping by!

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