Jul 31, 2022

How to Make Your Own Metallic Cardstock with NEW Simon Hurley Lunar Paste

I love metallic cardstock and paper, but buying lots of different colors can get pricey! Did you know you can use Simon Hurley's Lunar Paste to make your own?

I tried it out and came up with some tips and tricks to use the least amount of Lunar Paste!

Starting with a colorful piece of cardstock makes it super easy!

And using a Tim Hoiltz Ink Blender with a Domed Foam Blender makes a nice smooth consistent finish.

Once I created some new metallic cardstocks with the new colors of Simon Hurley for Ranger Ink Lunar Paste colors, I used them as backgrounds to create some cards with his latest stamps!

It is tough to see in these photographs but these cards have SO MUCH SHINE!

You can see these new colors and this technique in today's video.

Check out the latest Simon Hurley supplies down below! Thanks for stopping by!

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