May 9, 2022

Budget Friendly NEW Colored Pencils from Arrtx that Perform like Prismacolor!

You do not need to spend a fortune to get a fabulous set of colored pencils for cardmaking! Today I am trying out the Arrtx 72 Colored Pencil Set and let me tell you, they are as smooth and creamy as Prismacolor, they blend beautifully and I sharpened them all and none had broken cores!

The first thing I do when I get a new medium or set is to swatch them out. I was so happy with all the bright colors that came in this set:

Next I tried a few cardmaking techniques that I enjoy doing with colored pencils, like no line coloring.

I also tried using different pressure on tiny images like this Kitchen Shelf Background Stamp from hero Arts.

I was very happy with how these pencils performed and will continue to use them in my cardmaking! You can see my review of these pencils and these 2 cards in today's video:

and there are links to everything down below! Thanks for stopping by!

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