Jan 8, 2022

Fresh Valentine Color Combos with Catherine Pooler Inks!

I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day cardmaking supplies because they are filled with bright happy colors and pretty imagery like hearts and flowers. Plus, as long as the card doesn't mention Valentine's Day specifically, they can be used all year round! It's always a good day to tell someone you love them!

Today, I am specifically talking about changing up the traditional color combos for Valentine's Day!

There's no reason you have to stick to pink and red! Trying adding in some coral or even yellow!

My favorite fresh color combo for Vanetine's Day cards is red and light (but bright) blue!

The Catherine Pooler Two Parts Hearts Stamp set makes it REALLY easy to play around with new color combos!

Check out today's video to see the CP stamps and dies as well as some fresh color combos made with the CP inks!

Of course you can mimic these combos with your favorite inks, but if you want to see exactly what I used, they will all be linked below! Thanks for stopping by!

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