Jun 13, 2021

Organizing and Swatching Colorful Cardstock

My colorful cardstock stash was getting out of control. I have used the job ticket holder method for YEARS to organize my cardstock.

But once I started to increase my stash of cardstock, I needed a better way to organize my cardstock because I couldn't see all the colors I owned.

So I created labels for these new document holders.

And once I put them all back on my Ikea Kallax cubes, I could see all the colors of cardstock at once.

I created the swatch books so that I could put the swatch books in front of the A2 panels on my desk.

Check out this video to see how I reorganized my colorful cardstock, swatched out the cardstock and added a strip of cardstock to my ink swatch book too!

The supplies I used are linked below.

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