May 16, 2021

No Coordinating Dies? No Problem! Two Techniques for Using Stamp Sets without the Coordinating Dies!

I am not a great fussy cutter so I almost always buy coordinating dies.

But, every once in a while I decide to try stamps without the coordinating dies and spend that money on new ink pads or a detailed cover plate die!

There are still several ways to enjoy using those stamp sets. Like creating a one layer card with lots of colorful ink!

Or doing my dreaded fussy cutting to add dimension to the images. I usually choose simple images and lines for this and definitely avoid tiny images.

These two Catherine Pooler Stamp Sets were perfect candidates for both techniques!

With the money I saved I bought 4 new to me Catherine Pooler ink pads with their refills! Win-win!

Check out the video to see how I made these two cards!

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