May 19, 2021

How to Use Alpha Stamps | 4 Unique Ways

Alphabet stamps are a great versatile supply to have in your stash. 

But as with all supplies, the more ways you can come up with to use them, the better value they have!

So in this video I am sharing 4 unique ways to use alpha stamps to make them have more bang for their buck!

The alpha stamps I am using are recent releases from The Stamp Market, but these techniques and design ideas apply to any alpha stamps you may have!

But if you love the unique font styles from The Stamp Market, I highly recommend checking out these Pretty Poster Alphas in lower  (above) and upper (below). I've linked all my supplies at the end as always!

Check out the video to see all of these cards and hear all the ways to stretch your alpha stamp supplies!

Thanks for stopping by!

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