Oct 22, 2020

Craft Room Upgrade with 2 Products from Organize More

It looks like I will be sharing my office with my husband for much longer than we thought. When we started sharing the space in March, I moved everything one desk onto the other so he could have that desk to himself. That meant the desk I use is a bit overloaded. Supplies started getting stacked higher and higher and it started to feel more cluttered and less organized. I needed an upgrade without spending a ton of money upgrading the entire room (i.e. purchasing new furniture like a new desk). So I turned to Organize More.
I had previously purchased the marker organizers and mini ink cube organizers from Organize More.
I share how I moved some of the supplies to my cubes to nailpolish organizers and how I organize the Copics and ink pads in Organize More's organizers in this video:

I have all the organizers I used linked down below.

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