Jun 9, 2015

Therm O Web Hot Melt and iCraft Deco Foils

Adding foiling to paper crafts is a breeze with Therm O Web's Deco Foils Hot Melt Adhesive.
rk tow foils hot melt-1
The Hot Melt can be cut with a punch, electronic or manual die cut machine. I used my manual die cut machine to cut all of these shapes and words out of Hot Melt. Place the Hot Melt with the bumpy side down onto your project. Cut a piece of foil large enough to cover all the Hot Melt and place it on top of the Hot Melt with the foil color side up or facing you.  Then run through a laminator. I let mine heat up for about 20 minutes (a bit longer than it takes for the green ready light to go on, but worth it for good coverage).

rk tow foils hot melt-3
For the card above I used a carrier sheet. I folded a piece of copy paper in half and inserted the card with the Hot Melt and Foil in between. For this card I did not use a carrier sheet. You have to be more careful that the Foil doesn't rumple, but I think the coverage is best and most even without the carrier sheet.
rk tow foils hot melt-2

I love that Hot Melt can be used for fabric AND paper crafts and plan on using it to foil LOTS more projects in the future!

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