Apr 8, 2015

Scrapbook Circle - Stamping on Layouts

Does stamping on a layout give you anxiety? I used to get chills thinking about how to incorporate stamps into layouts. If you are a bit of a perfectionist, you probably understand what I am saying. ;) But then I realized that the stamping I like in other people's layouts is rarely perfect. And it is the imperfections that give the layout I fun, artistic effect. So no more white knuckle stamping! Just start finding ways to work them in.  I loved the little Elle's Studio stamp set included in this month's kit. Here is an easy way to incorporate one stamp into a layout.

rk sc april 1
Since there was lots of white space I had plenty of room to add the You Are stamp. The mini alpha stickers fit right on top of the dotted line!

This bit of stamping from the same set was a bit trickier.

rk sc april 2

You can see I stamped the hello stamp right over a part of the collage. Part of the word is on the background cardstock, part is on a die cut heart and part is on a 3x4 card. Honestly, I did not do a great job stamping on all the different height levels, but the bit of smudge actually adds to the collage-feel! No stress, just let it go and get inky!


  1. wonderful Lo's!! I wonder if i'll ever scrap again? ha! in the meantime, i'll keep admiring your pages :)

  2. these are FANTASTIC, great use of the stamps!