Jun 10, 2014

Therm O Web Zots - Making a Simple Stories Layout from Start to Finish

Sometimes projects require an arsenal of adhesives to complete, but occasionally you can complete a papercrafting project from start to finish with just one type of adhesive. Therm O Web Zots come in handy for a variety of purposes and on this layout I adhered EVERYTHING with Zots and Zots alone!


To adhere colored patterned paper behind the die cut title use medium Zots in all the spaces not cut out.

TOW Zots-1

To make sure chipboard stickers stay put place them sticky side down on a small Zots. Since the Zots are on a roll of waxy paper the sticker comes off easily with the Zots in place.

TOW Zots-2

Die cuts are also easily adhered with Zots.

TOW Zots-3

You can choose the size of Zots depending on the size of die cuts you are using.

TOW Zots-11

Instasquares can be adhered with 2 Zots. Place them on diagonal corners for maximum staying power.

TOW Zots-4

It is also fun to add some dimension to die cuts. Use 3D Zots for that.

TOW Zots-5

I like to use 3D Zots in three places on my layouts to create a visual triangle out of simensional objects.

TOW Zots-9

My favorite tip for using Zots in layouts is to use them to adhere brads. Remove the brad wings by bending them back and forth.TOW Zots-8

Then place Zots behind the smaller brads and adhere to your project. The nice thing about doing brads this way is you don't have to create a hole and you can place the brads anywhere even on a die cut which is already popped up on a 3D Zots.

TOW Zots-10

For larger brads where the back has a deeper concave shape, TOW Zots-6

use 3D Zots to fill the entire back and adhere to the layout.

TOW Zots-12

I hope you can see how many purposes Therm O Web Zots can fill in your papercrating and that it is possible to make a layout from start to finish with Therm O Web Zots alone!


Therm O Web Zots (small, Medium and 3D)

Simple Stories (patterned paper, die cuts, stickers, brads and chipboard)

Bazzill (cardstock)

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