Feb 13, 2014

Therm O Web Valentines ♥

During the after holiday doldrums, I try and find reasons to decorate. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to take out your Therm O Web, combine it with some Authentique and create some fun Valentine decorations to hang where the stocking used to be.

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Start with some wood heart decorations and cover the centers with Authentique patterned paper. Use the Therm O Web Super Stik.

rk tow au1

Apply to the edge of the wood and the edge of the paper for better sticking power.

rk tow au2

To apply a button border...

rk tow au7

use Therm O Web Zots.

rk tow au3

To adhere a sequin border use Small Therm O Web Zots.

rk tow au8

Pull out a long sheet of the Zots roll and stick the sequins down onto the small Zots in the preferred color order. Then remove from the Zots backing and adhere.

rk tow au5

To adhere  a large bow and small Authentique stickers...

rk tow au9

use Therm O Web 3D Zots.

rk tow au6

String all three decorations with bakers twine and hang on the banister with red tulle for a quick and easy Valentine's decoration!

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  1. Really fun project! I love how you hung these on your banister!