Feb 3, 2014

Scrapbook Circle Take 2

I am up on the Scrapbook Circle Blog today with a little segment we call Take 2. Take 2 is where you scraplift yourself! If you have never scraplifted yourself I highly recommend it! Do you ever finish a layout and feel really happy with it? That is a great candidate for self-scraplifting. Or, on the other hand, do you ever finish a layout, get it all glued down and look at it with fresh eyes and see how you would have done it differently? That too is a great design to scraplift to see if you like it better with changes made. Here is my new layout made with the February Scrapbook Circle kit Hello Today and Add On, Right Here.

rk sc today there was love
I based it on this layout I made for the February 2012 Scrapbook Circle kit Remember This:

rk you are my i love you

 I went all the way back 2 years because this has remained one of my favorite layouts! I liked the stacked photos in the middle, the mix of stamping and  misting and the centralized design. I wanted to see if it would hold up with more layers and embellishments and look as good with color photos.

rk today there was love cu1
So instead of using a plain cardstock background, I layered patterned paper over cardstock and stitched the border. I layered epoxy hearts over the stamped  Scrapbook Circle exclusive stamp.

rk today there was love cu2

Just like in the original layout, my middle photo is a small Polaroid with banners at the bottom. I really enjoyed scraplifting one of my favorite older layouts and I will definitely do it again. How about you? Do you use a design over and over? Do you ever consciously scraplift your own designs?

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  1. I scraplift myself all the time! I figure "if it's not broke why fix it"! Love your layouts and I can see why you wanted to scraplift the original...shoot I want to scraplift it! :0)