Feb 11, 2014

Scrapbook Circle One Item Wonder

My One Item Wonder for this month on the Scrapbook Circle Blog was the October Afternoon Tin Pins available in the Scrapbook Circle February Kit, Hello Today. I love these little flair badges because they are the perfect size and have super cute designs on them. I use them all the time, but for this layout I decided to combine them with some other embellishments and make them into flower centers.

rk sc a night at disney

I layered flower stickers and stacked them up with three dimensional adhesive and used the Tin Pins as the center of each flower.

rk a night at disney cu1
I usually use buttons or brads as my flower centers but the Tin Pins added some extra dimension and a trendy look with their fun sentiments that added to the theme or story of the layout.

rk a night at disney cu3

I also like the mix of textures and finishes when you combine the shiny Tin Pins with matte stickers and cute little wood veneer hearts.

rk a night at disney cu2

Have you been having fun with the October Afternoon Tin Pins? Have you come up with any fun or new ways to use them? We would love to see, so be sure to post them on the Scrapbook Circle Facebook Page.


  1. Cute layout! And I love falir too! Only problem I have trouble scanning lumpy layouts, and I can't seem to get a good pic! Yours is good! Any tips?

    1. Hmmm, dont know how good my pics are lol, but I just do what I do for all my layouts, indirect, natural light, no flash. They are super glossy so sometimes it is hard not to get some glare, but eh, it is what it is right?