Oct 17, 2013

Simple Stories December Daily

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Anyone who knows me knows that there is no way I get anything done early for Christmas. I procrastinate and wait until the last minute and then rush and barely make it through all I want to do and generally make myself miserable during what should rightfully be a joyous time. Well this year I will have ONE thing done ahead of time--my December Daily! Simple Stories makes planning ahead very easy! I started with a SN@P album in green and the Decemeber Documented collection.
Rk ss dd 1
I love the book plates on the spines of SN@P albums dont you?!

Rk ss dd 2
December Documented patterned paper, chipboard and stickers make it easy to create fun mini scenes for your cover and title pages.

Rk ss dd 3
I added the largest size pocket on one page to hold the kids letters to Santa.

Rk ss dd 6
I took a 6x8 page and some patterned paper and sewed 3 edges together to create an extra large pocket to hold favorite greeting cards.
Rk ss dd 7

Rk ss dd 8
I adore the die cut pages.

Rk ss dd 12
I   was sure to include some Pocket Page protectors so I will be able to slip in photos and memorabilia as they happen.
Rk ss dd 11
I included some photos from last year to get an idea of how it will look and to get an idea of where to place the Pocket Pages.
Rk ss dd 9
And the inside back cover says, "The End...until next year!!"

Rk ss dd 13
I am thoroughly convinced I will be able to add my December photos and memorabilia to this preconstructed album with out giving myself any undue holiday stress. Lots of Simple Stories designers are working on December Dailies this week, so be sure to check out the Simple Stories blog all week!



  1. This looks like an amazing DD. I haven't tried my hand at one yet, but maybe this is the year to do it. It ;looks so easy with Simple stories.

  2. wwowow I cannot believe you have finished your December daily already, it looks amazing Rebecca!

  3. So fun Rebecca--congrats on getting it done early!!