Mar 15, 2013

Simple Stories SN@P 2 Pager

Confession time. I am terrified of 2 pagers. Years ago, when I started scrapbooking, I made them all the time, but since those beginning days I became so much more comfortable with single 12 x 12 pages. But, I had a bunch of birthday pictures that I wanted to use up and thought it was time to try one.
Rk birthday
Simple Stories SN@P! actually made it quite easy. SN@P provides a rainbow of colors in the cutest patterns. Start with a mmixed font and color title, pop up some stickers on 3D adhesive...
Rk birthday cu1
use a combination of mini alphas, punched pattern paper and label to mark each photo and journal.
Rk birthday cu2
Add in a few extra word and tape stickers and strips of patterned paper on each edge to tie it all together.
Rk birthday cu3
And there you have it! Thank YOU Simple Stories for helping me get over my 2 pager fear!
Supplies Used:
SN@P Stickers Icons #4018
SN@P Stickers Labels #4019
SN@P Stickers Typeset #4021
SN@P Stickers Letters #4020
SN@P LIfe Calendar Cardstock Stickers #2803
Teal Dot/Stripe #2826
Teal Chevron/Mini Dot #2827
Red Dot/Stripe #2828
Red Chevron/Mini Dot #2829
Yellow Dot/Stripe #2830
Yellow Chevron/Mini Dot #2831
Green Dot/Stripe #2832
Green Chevron/Mini Dot #2833
Orange Dot/Stripe #2834
Orange Chevron/Mini Dot #2835


  1. I feel exactly the same way about to pages ... This looks fabulous love the bright happy colours !

  2. 2 pagers aren't my favorite either! when i switched over to 12 x 12 I really can only say I've done them twice...LOVE what you did here!

  3. I love your 2 pager and the photo assortment on here!
    I know what you mean... I love 2 pagers and used to do them quite often but all of a sudden got out of the habit! Can't even tell ya when I last did 2 pages so I would probably have a bit of trouble, lol!

  4. so cute! seriously? why don't your posts show up on my blogger reader. I had no idea so much time had passed. looooove your LO's! I know I've said it a million times in the last couple of years, but I need to get back to scrapping! you always inspire me... if only for a min. hee hee!