Jan 25, 2013

Simple Stories and Scor-Pal

Back when accordion flowers became the rage I tried to make them. Mine were dreadful. I was too impatient to fold evenly and definitely too impatient to fold thin enough to make them look really good. I still liked the look of them, but I gave up attempting to make them. Then I was introduced to a Scor-Pal and my woe is me days were over! Now I love making accordion flowers all over the place!
Rk Lollipop
For this layout I used 1 inch strips of Simple Stories Vintage Bliss and scored them at every quarter of an inch.
Rk Lollipop cu1
I folded them along all the scored  lines and adhered the edges together.
Rk Lollipop cu2
I pressed them onto adhesive and added buttons for the centers.
Rk Lollipop cu3
And the outcome? Quick and simple handmade embellishments that would cost me a fortune if I had to buy them premade!  My Scor Pal will be getting LOTS of use!
Supplies Used:
Simple Stories Vintage Bliss Be Happy #3007
Simple Stories Vintage Bliss Pink Floral #3020
Simple Stories Vintage Bliss 2 x 12 Border #3014
Simple Stories SN@P alphas
Simple Stories Vintage Bliss Fundamental Cardstock Stickers # 3002


  1. Very cute! I love them too! But I do not have the patience to make them... not at all! Love your happy, colorful, "sugary" layout - especially that title!

  2. Very cute pinwheels! I like how you spread them around the page.

  3. these are GREAT Rebecca! FUN page too!