Oct 30, 2012

Welcome SN@P!!

I know I am not alone when I say that SN@P is one of the coolest collections to come out in a long time! Bright, happy colors, playful, fun designs--polka dots and chevron, fabulous images of cameras and @ signs. Sigh it is just the best ever! But how many uses are there for SN@P? Turns out there are tons and we are highlighting them all on the Simple Stories blog this week. Definitely check out all the designers ideas, from couponing to Project Life and beyond! I decided to use my SN@P binder to make an Instagram mini album. You see, I only recently joined Instagram, but from the moment I did, I was hooked. I love having a mini camera in my purse and being able to play with actions or filters and share them instantly was the icing on the cake. Next I found Postal Pix and when they started printing up Instagrams in 2x2 sizes, I started getting them printed. Which led me to the question....now what do I do with all these 2x2 everyday photos? A SN@P album of course:
Seriously how cute are the Polaroids and cameras???

 I am breaking my album up by month and created a page with a mini pocket to mark each month. The pocket can hold extra pics or even small bits of memorabilia.
Each page can be made with different page protectors depending on how many photos...
or how much journaling I want to include.
The entire SN@P collection is amazing and includes label stickers, alphas, mini typset alphas, icon stickers, 6x6 paper pads and on and on. I seriously used a little bit of everything to make this book!
So now I have a place to house all those everyday pictures. Like the one above on the left that my kids and I took on the day they got their awesome progress reports or about favorite foods...
This system is perfect for me. The ability to scrap those crazy little Instagrams I love so much, and tell everyday stories without the stress of taking on something as big as Project Life.
SN@P makes it really easy to tell your stories too. Journaling cards and label stickers are easily typed or written on...
Date, day and month stickers make it easy to mark time. I already have makers done for the next few months with pockets ready to go:

and I LOVE the speech bubbles for journaling or little pics:
So there you have it--SN@P is perfect for your Instagram! 
And Scrapbook.com has it all, you can get your very own SN@P HERE.


  1. I love this album Rebecca!!! Fantastic project!!

  2. OMIGOSH! How funny that you posted this today because I am currently stuck trying to figure out how to scrap my Instagram pics and I just posted something about it on MY blog today!
    I think I'm going to go "Smashbook" w/ it, but my biggest delimma is that I don't know how to print them...how did you print yours? I see yours are different sizes... any tips because I really, really want to get these suckers scrapped, well...not necessarily scrapped, but in a book.
    Any words of wisdom would be VERY much apprciated!!! TIA!

    1. Doreen, I use Postal Pix to print my Instagram photos. It is a free app and it is super easy to use and order prints from. They now come in these collages of 2x2 prints. Some I use 4 or more photos together, but usually I cut them into the 2 x 2 size.

  3. I totally adore your album! Love how you have it organized. I just got mine and can't wait to play.

  4. Thanks for your reply!
    BTW - If you can, stop by my blog and read today's post. I nominated you for the "Sunshine Blogger Award" and I'm hoping you can play along!

  5. Rebecca, what a seriously cute album! I love the concept!

  6. how super FUN! i love this and now i'm hungry from looking at all your yummy food photos. hee hee ;)