Aug 24, 2011

A little bit of this and that

I know some of your kids are just starting school or not starting until September. For us, this is our third week. After the first couple of weeks of settling in, things are starting to get serious. Little Miss came home with a few graded tests--92 and 100 on math and 100 on reading comprehension. And this week her homework includes studying for a spelling test. Even Little Man has a homework folder now! Each Monday he gets to take his homework folder home and has until friday to complete it. Since he is just in Pre K the homework is not mandatory, but he does get to go into the class treasure box if he completes it. This was his second week and both weeks he completed all his homework items on Monday afternoon lol! Following in big sister's footsteps I guess.
Here he is post hair debacle. Yikes that hair is short! But it has been 115 everyday this week and we are all melting so short hair is probably best for now. I probably wont have to cut it until October lol!
Ok, on to business... 

Have you seen the sneak peek for Scrapbook Circle's September kit---let me just say it DOES include some Amy Tangerine!!! Yaaaay!

And calling all stampers:
ATTENTION all stampers and myStamp BOX fans!
We are looking for new Designers to join our team. If you are enthusiastic about our stamps, love to stamp, are a good team player, and know a thing or two about blogging, you are the right match for us! We are interested in designers with a variety of styles who can creatively showcase myStamp BOX designs in their layouts, cards, altered art and other projects. No previous design team experience is necessary. International applicants are welcome to apply.
Our Term is 6 months from October 1st, 2011 to March 31th, 2012.
Team requirements:
* 4 projects per month
* 1 blog entry per month including good quality photos of a project and instructions/tutorial
* Upload all projects to the myStamp BOX website gallery and other online galleries
* Submit at least 2 projects per term for submission to print magazines of your choice
* Occasionally help with additional design opportunities – new stamp sets, classes, etc.
* make myStamp BOX the only stamping company you design for during this term
Team benefits:
*bio and picture on the website, with links to your blog
*a starter kit of stamp sets and additional stamp sets throughout your term
*other free scrapbooking supplies from product partners as they become available
*30% discount on purchased myStampBox stamps during your term
Please include in your application:
*personal information (your name, address)
*a short paragraph about yourself and why you think you’d be a good fit for myStamp BOX.
*link to your blog and gallery
*3-5 examples of your work showcasing your stamping ability and style
This call ends Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Send your application to
myStampBOX website:
We can’t wait to hear from you!

I will likely have another post today with some recent projects AND should have a post this week with my first Best Creation projects (AND A GIVEAWAY!!!) but for now...
Remember this post, where I made my little guy an ABC decor for his room? Well if any of you have two kids, you know that you NEVER make ONE of anything lol. So of course Little Miss was very upset that she didnt have an ABC hanging for her room--even though she is obviously well past learning her ABC's (in fact the book she brought home to read to me this week is one of the Magic Treehouse books and she is actually doing pretty well at reading it.  But that's besides the point. Fair is fair in their mind everything MUST be equal, SO...
I got to use up some Thickers (I hardly ever finish the X's or Z's!!) and used a frame I had gotten from IKEA from FOREVER ago. Alright, with that said, we are all equal and fair now lol! Have a great day!
♥ Rebecca


  1. the ABC frame is SO cute! Good job to your SMART kiddos! I'm dying...just had to get my boys from the bus stop...YUCK!

  2. The short haircut is probably a blessing with all of this heat! The ABC frame looks great and yay for your kids getting into the school groove.

  3. Ha Ha, I feel your pain about one kid always wanting what the other one has. That happens to me all the time. Such a cute cute ABC frame, I love it!!

    That is awesome your kids are doing well in school. Hope you can continue to keep cool!!

  4. holy smokes Rebecca I totally love that frame the colours are just PERFECT!!!!