Aug 16, 2011

Best Husband Ever, Worst Haircut EVER and a winner...

I was feeling a little down in the dumps lately. Probably just the heat getting to me. We're all experiencing a bit of cabin fever and the kids have been fighting like cats and dogs. So, the other day, Scott and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We didn't go out--we don't have a sitter and no family lives nearby. And the kids fought ALL DAY LONG. I was worn out and drained. The one bright light was a listing I found on Craig's List. On Monday, the best husband ever brought this home for me:

It needs a new ribbon, but other than that it is in perfect condition! It weighs about 32 pounds lol! And I adore it.  It totally makes me smile. I've been looking on ebay and other places for a manual typewriter and they always seem so expensive.

This one in perfect condition--every key works--was only $25. So, best husband ever!  Not only that....we had a weird situation with our oven door the other day. One screw came off the handle of the door, but in an attempt take the door off to fix it, the insulation from the door shattered--EVERYWHERE. I should've taken a picture it was so crazy, but I was so frustrated and upset. Buying a new stove just wasn't in the budget this month. Again, the best husband ever looked on Craig's List and found someone in our neighborhood selling her stove. She said it worked fine, she was just getting new appliances. Turns out the stove she was selling was the exact one we had! She sold it to us for $40! So we joke, "this NEVER happened..." lol.

Ok, best husband ever...check.

Want to see the worst hair cut ever? Little man was sitting 5 feet away from me cutting out pictures. He came over twice to show me what he was cutting. Both times I said, "oh, nice, but make sure you are sitting with the scissors, not walking around with them." I looked away for a minute or two and when I looked back he had the scissors on top of his head! The damage was already done! This time I did remember to take a picture:
You know how people usually say, the picture doesn't do it justice, it looks better in real life? Well I can assure you this looked WAY WORSE in real life. It was a HUGE patch. I immediately shuffled him upstairs to cut his hair, but the short guard on the clippers didnt take off enough to make the bald patch unnoticable. So I threw up my hands in the air and told him he'd have to wear hats for a while lol. Best husband ever was brave enough to buzz it on the shortest guard and it looks MUCH better albeit it VERY short. I guess I can laugh about it now, sort of. Definitely scrapworthy, dontcha think? 

And finally, as promised, how about the winner of my giveaway from last week? I used 
True Random Number Generator
which makes Doreen my winner. Doreen, I will email you!
Ok, I am (understandably, I think) wiped and ready for bed. Have a great night!
♥ Rebecca


  1. Love your typewriter! Mine is definitely one of my most used scrapbooking tools! And...Happy Anniversary!

  2. Wow you had a really crazy stressful day! Boo for you but at least everything worked out in the end! :0)
    BTW - unless there is another Doreen (highly unlikely) I'm the winner, so yay for me! Thanks!

  3. I'm so sorry for all your troubles! Thank heavens for fabulous husbands :). Have fun with your new typewriter!

  4. Best husband ever, yes. that typewriter is a beauty. I would also say best neighbor ever, a new stove. Best haircut ever? ehhh. all of us that have kids have been there. If is the perfect scrapbook moment. have fun with it.



  5. What a fabulous gift!!!!! That typewriter is awesome~!~

    Love the pic!!! Oh dear!!!!

    Wishing you a great one!!

  6. wow--you've had some adventures! Congrats on 8 years....I was just recently looking through pictures and have a picture of my son exactly like this with BIG tears in his eyes. I believe I got angry not because he cut his hair but he decided to cut his brother's hair as well--yeah they looked pretty bad for a while!

  7. That typewriter is beautiful! I got one back in May and use it on everything - can't wait to see what you do with yours!

    I have something to look forward to with my little guy eh? Especially with so many pairs of scissors cuz we're crafty :)

  8. Oh man....that typewriter is an awesome find!! Love the color of it.

    Happy belated anniversary! I feel your frustrations of the heat and kids getting to you! I too am ready for some kiddos to go back to school! lol!! One more week for us!! :)

    Great pics of your little man and his self appointed hair stylist job! LOL!! All I can say is been there....done that!!

  9. OMG, what GREAT finds on Craigslist!!! My dad just gave me my grandma's OLD typewriter and I have it perched on a shelf and I am in AWE so I can totally relate. So glad the hubby came to the rescue on the stove. OMG, your little crazy and adorable at the same time. Can't wait to the the layouts!

  10. I goodness! I think every kid goes through that hair cutting rite of passage! Too cute though, Rebecca!

    And I can't believe how you scored getting a stove just like the one you owned... that's is really some luck. You all should have gone a played the lottery!

    Also love your new manual typewriter! What a great hubby!

  11. cool typewriter! awesome hubby to get it! and LMBO about the haircut! my ds razored my hair when he was like 2. LOL! luckily i have long thick hair. hee hee. anyhow... he's still adorable, bald spot and all and just think... he did you a favor: more scrapable photos. :)

  12. What a crazy day! So happy you scored on the typewriter and the stove! Your little guy is rocking his new cut! A bad day for you was a great read for me; tfs! :)

  13. LOL! He's still super cute:) Yay for the typewriter and the new to you oven door. Hope your week gets better.

  14. he is still cute anyway!!! and I think he likes it!