Apr 3, 2011

Every day is a new fav

I have a new favorite layout. And guess what? It is the one I created most recently. That's usually how it works for me ;) But this one is pretty special to me because it shows one reason why my kids have the best Dad ever. I know everyone probably thinks their husband is the best Dad ever, but how many of them actually swing with their 5 year old daughters? Judging from what I've seen at the park, not many lol.
Lots of new Jillibean Soup goodies on this one. I recently acquired several bits and pieces from Blossom Soup and those mini Kraft alphas---LOVE! And you can't go wrong with corrugated shapes, a broken out grid design and stitched patterned paper:
It's been a while since I posted a card around here. I also recently acquired this Hero Arts stamp set which I had been coveting since it came out.
And I've been thinking a lot about all my long distance friends and how much I miss them. I can't afford to jet set around the country and visit them all, but I can certainly send out some cards and let them know how much they mean to me:
That star patterned paper is October Afternoon. I don't have TONS of uses for the majority of the Campfire line, but I think I could use a whole stack of those stars ;)
Well, we have a long week ahead of us, so that's all for tonight. Hope your weekend was wonderful!
:) Rebecca


  1. now how totally COOL is your design this is seriously way ROCKIN it Rebecca!!!!!!!

  2. Love the layout AND the card!

  3. Great layout!
    Love that grid and the close up shot of your daughter w/ her hair flying in the air!
    I'm the same way, usually my fav layout is my most recent! Oh and my hubby and yours must be related somehow because when my hubby plays w/ my daughter he really gets into it as well, even if he looks silly; which includes swinging on the swings with her! Yay, for our fantastic hubbies!!!

  4. not to knock my husband, but he's never even taken jack to the park, so your dh does rock as a dad- swinging with his little girl! awesome :) adorable LO!!! love your card. A Muse has a similar type writer stamp that is on my long wish list. LOL! very fun! :)

  5. how cute that he swings with your girl! GREAT layout and super fun card! :)

  6. What a fun page AND stamp set!
    That typewriter card it too cute!

  7. Oh my, these are GREAT photos and an equally great layout!