Feb 12, 2011

Keep Calm...

Have you seen all the Keep Calm slogans cropping up? You know, all the variations on this:
The same website I got the image above from also has a history of where the posters originated (read here:http://sarahjlwest.com/keep-calm-and-carry-on/). Gotta love propaganda ;)
The variations are lots of fun too. Stephanie Howell posted this one on her blog:
(Image created by the keep calm shop on etsy.)
And this one is super cute:
I am just as partial to this one:
I guess I've been feeling the need for Keep Calm reminders lately. My sweet boy is sick again. Picked him up from school on friday and he was complaining about his ear. Found out he had a fever when we got home and immediately called the Dr. Of course they couldnt get him in. They called at 5pm and of course they couldnt prescribe over the phone. They recommended waiting until Monday or going to the after hours clinic. I knew his ear was infected and waiting until Monday was not an option. So we called the after hours clinic. Of course they couldnt give us an appointment before 7:30pm. Of course the intersection the clinic is on is a NIGHTMARE and I had to do about 100 u-turns to find the place. Of course we sat in there for an hour waiting to be seen. Of course George of the Jungle Part II was on instead of something entertaining. And of course, turns out he had an infection  in not ONE ear but in BOTH ears. We decided to give him the antibiotic shot since he had already thrown up that day and I was afraid we wouldnt be able to get medicine into him. He is so darn skinny, they had to break the shot into 2 (one for each thigh). Today he refuses to walk. BUT he is feeling much better. He watched a movie and even played and ate. I just want him healthy, especially since his birthday is next weekend. He is such a good little guy. I asked him to sit and take some pictures for me one night last week when he was looking especially cute...

That face literally melts my heart. Do you love his punk rock hair in the first shot? He is still not keen on getting his hair cut. We're going to have to do something before his party lol.
The other one is healthy as an ox. I swear, she brings this stuff home and we all get sick and she is fine. I guess it would be worse if both kids were sick. Speaking of Little Miss she had her Valentine's party at school on Friday. 
I helped her make some special valentines for her class: 

I saw the idea in the last issue of Scrapbooks, Etc. We basically punched scalloped circles out of different colored tissue paper and pushed a lollipop through them. I printed out Happy Valentines on green cardstock and cut out leaves. She wrote Love and her name on 34 leaves! Then we covered a cardboard box in green paper and tissue paper so it looked like all the flowers were growing in a garden.
They were a big hit and she told me, "lots of people complimented me on my Valentines." Her words. LOL.
I don't know if the little guy is going to make it to school on Monday for his Valentine's party, but I hope so because I have an idea for his from the same magazine. If I get them done tomorrow I'll post pics next week.
What else? Hmmmm,
3 Scrappy boys is having a Guest Designer contest this month!! The March kit is going to include LOTS of new CHA goodies. The contest is pretty simple and the GDT requirements are not strenuous, so I hope lots of people will give it a go. All the details are here.
I also have some Upsy Daisy Designs layouts to share. For the month of February we were asked to focus on the colors pink and red. Mine are mainly pink ;) Can you believe that big kid above used to be this little bundle?
I cut a 10" circle with my Kreaxions Circle Cutter, cut 1" wide scallop strips and sewed them behind the edge of the circle to make the ruffle.
And this one:
Isn't the Blossom line so sweet? More sewing...
I couldnt resist using baby pictures with the sweet pastel pinks in this line.
Next up...today I blogged over at the Just Imagine Crafts blog. I featured a layered tone on tone punched card:
And, I had this card on the Cards blog
The Cards Gallery is filled with amazing cards with doilies. I was so excited to see mine included.
Alright that is enough for tonight! Thanks for making it through :) Have a great rest of your weekend.
:) Rebecca


  1. OH Rebecca I hope your little guy is better soon, he has been going through a rough trot lately, Love your layouts and those cards are just adorable! Hugs to you and your family!

  2. I love the "Carry On" slogan range and the examples you found are so funny.

    STUNNING work on your Upsy Daisy Layouts. I love all the elements and the sewing. Just Gorgeous

  3. Oh man, I hope your boy is better soon. It's NO fun having sick kids. And I love the sign saying Keep Calm and Drink Wine. I think I need that one.

    And what CUTE valentine's!!!! I love that idea with the tissue paper and lollipops. I wish my kids didn't have so many kids in their classes, it was just too much to make almost 70 Valentine's this year. I let them buy them from Target and we call it good. :-)

  4. You certainly have a lot going on Rebecca!! Hope your son is feeling better -- ear infections are the worst!! My ds used to get them constantly!

    Those valentine's day lollpop flowers are too cute!! It's funny, for as much as I scrap, I have never once made my kids valentines for their classes. What would Valentine's day be without a last minute run to the store for the last available box of pre-printed cartoon valentines? LOL.

    I love your sweet layouts and that card. Such fabulous designs!

    I also adore those Keep Calm posters...I keep looking at them all on etsy and the like and just can't decide which ONE to buy.

  5. Your children are beautiful! Sorry to hear your little one is sick.
    Love you stay calm signs! Very cute reminders!

  6. so sorry your little guy is sick again; some winters are just like that. ugh! hope he's well soon and stays that way! i'm sure your little miss had the BEST valentines in class :) love your projects.

  7. Oooh I'm a sucker for anything pink! Those cards are to die for!

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