Jun 19, 2023

Unboxing and Using the NEW Spellbinders Betterpress

I decided to buy the Spellbinders BetterPress bundle as an early birthday gift to myself! It was NOT sent to me. 

I am so glad I did because this is the easiest letterpress system ever!

Plus, there is no paint involved so there is way less mess!

I can guarantee you can use this BetterPress system right out of the box! There is no learning curve and you don't need speciality tips and tricks!

Check out my unboxing video and see me use the BetterPress system for the first time!

If you love the elegant look of letterpress but don't want to deal with a complicated and messy machine, you must try the BetterPress! I've linked to US and UK Spellbinders links down below! Thanks for stopping by!


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