Dec 14, 2022

DIY Matching Gift Wrap, Tag & Card

Have you ever tried acrylic markers by Arrtx? They are affordable and easy to use on a variety of surfaces, plus they do not require shaking or pressing down on the tip to get them working.

Did I mention you can use them on a variety of surfaces? 

I used them on some butcher paper to create my own gift wrap. Then I used them on a wood ornament to create a gift tag.

They also work great on dark colors of cardstock and acetate so I also used them to create a shaker card to match!

Basically this new set of Arrtx Acrylic Markers makes a great gift to a crafter or to yourself this year!

Check out these markers and projects in today's video:

And find several countries on Amazon that carry the markers plus the other supplies I used down below!

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