Dec 22, 2021

3 Ways to Use Karin Deco Brush Pigment and Metallic Markers in Cardmaking!

In my recent Stocking Stuffer for Cardmakers video,

I tried out the Karin DecoBrush Metallic markers and asked if anyone was interested in seeing more ideas on how to use them in cardmaking and the answer was a resounding YES! So today I am sharing three ways to use the Karin DecoBrush Metallic and Pigment markers on cards!

The best thing about these markers is that they work on lots of different surfaces. So, they show up beautifully on black cardstock.

They work on acetate too!

And they color beautifully on vellum!

Check out all three techniques and cards in today's video!

And you can see the individual pigment markers I purchased and the metallic set down below. I also linked to the full set of pigment markers, but at $300(!!!) I definitely recommend trying out a few individuals before grabbing a full set!

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