Sep 12, 2021

NEW The Stamp Market Ink Pad Organizers!

When I used to buy ink pads, I bought the felt pad dye ink pads which hold a ton of ink and don't transfer very much ink, so I never felt the need to buy refills. But with the new dye ink formulations on foam pads, I know they transfer a ton of ink whether with stamping or ink blending or other techniques so I started buying all the refills. I had my ink pads on my desk, the refill bottles in my Kallax unit, 

and the cubes in my Alex drawers.

So when I saw The Stamp Market's Combo Ink Pad Organizer I knew it was a way to combine three storage spaces into one!

Not only that, but the footprint of these organizers is small leaving me more workspace on my desk.

Their patent pending design includes these brilliant foam compartments which keeps the supplies tucked in. Even when I shake them upside down, they don't fall out!

I love that they are light weight too, yet sturdy, and the bright white plastic will be easily cleaned if I get any ink on them accidentally.

Check out this new organizer and see all it's amazing details up close here:

And you can check the Combo Ink Pad Organizer and the other formulation of The Stamp Market Organizers in the supply list below. Thanks for stopping by!

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