Jul 23, 2021

EASY Interactive Slimline Slider Pop Up Cards!

I love interactive cards, but I do not love measuring and scoring lol! I like dies that do all that work for you. But even then some interactive cards have so many steps to put them together. That's why I love Heffy Doodle's Slimline Pop Up Slider Cards!

There are only two dies and you only need three pieces of cardstock!

Putting them together is a breeze!

You can use them vertically like the card above.

Or you can have the slider go horizontally like this one!

Check out this video to see how easy the dies are to work with and how easy the card is to assemble!

If you love EASY interactive cards, I highly recommend these Heffy Doodle dies! You can check them out and all the other supplies I used below. Thanks for stopping by!

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