Jun 23, 2021

Fun Ways to Use the MISTI Creative Corners

Sometimes I get in a real rut with making cards that are all very linear. Then I remember I have tools that can help with that lol! The MISTI creative corners make it really easy to stamp off the side and create angled stamping or even stenciling on your cards.

Using the triangles from the Creative Corners kit, allows you to create a mask very quickly to stencil an angled gradient of ink colors! And the L ruler helps straighten up those sentiments!

Angled stamping is a breeze too!

So is edge to edge stamping.

Or off the edge stamping.

You can even use the Creative Corners as a guide for creating angled patterned paper!

Check out all these techniques and cards in this video:

All the supplies are linked below. Thanks for stopping by!

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