Feb 6, 2016

DIY with Zots and Deco Foil Resist

I love using Therm O Web adhesives when I am trying to freshen up my home with some new decor. Today I have two projects to share. The first is a new Valentines sign I hung on the front door. Anytime I am creating a wreath or wall hanging I bring out the Therm O Web Zots because they are thick and VERY sticky. They adhere everything from paper to plastic and fabric and more! I had some flowers I bought at a craft store and my Therm O Web 3D Zots.rk SC TOw Decor Jan (10 of 2)

I pulled the bloom off the stem and then cut the stem even closer to the flower. I stuck my 3D Zots right on the back. rk SC TOw Decor Jan (11 of 2)

Whether I was applying the flowers to the fringe or the wood, I knew they would stick and stay stuck! I cut some letters from Therm O Web Toner Sheets and foiled it with Gold Deco Foil. I used Medium Zots to adhere the letters and heart sequins right on the wood heart. I know everything is going to stay put AND I didnt have to burn my fingers on a glue gun lol!rk SC TOw Decor Jan-3

I also wanted to create a new piece for my office where I scrapbook. I used the Therm O Web Deco Foil Adhesive pen on letter stamps to stamp the word dream and I drew small groupings of dots too. I layered the Deco Foil on top and ran it through the laminator and achieved this fun look.rk SC TOw Decor Jan-1

I loved the gold lettering as is, but the best part is that if you watercolor over Deco Foil it acts a resist! So the watercolor does not stick to the Deco Foil and you are able to create this dreamy effect:

rk SC TOw Decor Jan-2

That was so much fun that I will definitely be using Deco Foil as a mask for cards soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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