Apr 10, 2014

Scrapbook Circle's Bucket List

Confession time. I NEVER know what to do with the millions of soccer photos I take of both kids during the season. Usually I do nothing with them -EEK! Why? Most are not great photos and very few tell a story. Except these.

rk sc score
Truth be told the photos themselves are not superb. They're not even real soccer photos per say. I was so excited that my little dude just scored a goal that I missed taking a picture of said goal. But I did get the big hug my husband (the coach) gave him after he scored his goal. And well, that is a story that needed to be told :)

rk score cu1
Pulling together some of the more graphic and number-based tags, papers and embellishments from the Scrapbook Circle kit Bucket List I created a sporty layout that also told an important story.

rk score cu2
So I guess I learned my lesson. Keep taking those imperfect pictures because one day you will come upon one or a few that tells an important story.

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