Aug 2, 2013

Therm O Web Zips and Summer Fun

Each summer I like to make a mini album documenting all the fun we've had. Even if we don't travel we do lots of fun family activities that should be documented and I like having them together in one fun album. This year I used a Heidi Swapp album and lots of Therm O Web adhesives, including Therm O Web Zips.

rk tow summer1
Zips have several uses. One basic one is using them to easily apply ribbons and trim. I tied the twine and see through blue ribbon, but I only had a small piece of the the thicker trim and it is not the sort of trim that ties easily anyway. Simply cut Therm O Web Zips to the length of the mini album, apply and remove the backing and attach the trim.

rk tow summer7

Another trick for using the Zips is to use them to apply loose glitter. For the cover of the album, it is easy to cut Zips and lay them in the shape of a star:

rk tow summer2
Pour on loose glitter and then shake off for a fun cover element.

rk tow summer6

Zips can also be used to adhere borders of embellishments

rk tow summer3

like the wood veneer here:

rk tow summer8
and here:

rk tow summer9
If you run out of Zots you can always use Zips to apply embellishments such as fabric flowers. Just cut the Zips short enough to hide behind the embellishment, adhere to flower...

rk tow summer4
and adhere to the page.
rk tow summer10
You can make patterns using Zips...
rk tow summer13
covered with loose glitter as accents.
rk tow summer 14
Similarly, to applying loose glitter, Zips can be used to adhere micro beads. Zips even work perfectly on acrylic pages.
rk tow summer11
Zips are helpful if you need to apply several rows or layers of trim:
rk tow summer 16
And rather than tying a bow with trim, sometimes it is easier to apply one strip of trim and then use another piece of trim to make the bow and attach it separately.
rk tow summer5
It keeps the line of the trim flat and straight
rk tow summer 19
and you can adhere the bow to any part of the trim.
rk tow summer 18

:) Rebecca


  1. what a fun and super fun album of summer memories. can't believe summer is almost over.. sigh....

  2. what a BEAUTIFUL little mini Rebecca!