Jun 28, 2013

Scrapbook Circle and Conveying Motion

Sometimes a layout really needs to convey a sense of motion. There are lots of ways to do that and in this layout I used a few because the theme of my layout was riding a bike.

rk sc look mom
There are a few elements that I think really convey a sense of motion on this layout. First, the Basic Grey radio waves paper, you can almost see it moving across the page.

Arrows are also great for directing a viewer's eye.


And of course the visual triangle (here made with the Bella Blvd washi tape) moves the eye around the page creating movement.


Finally, multiple pictures from different perspectives (in some photos the bike is close and others it is further away) also creates a sense of motion. If the theme of your layout is motion or your focus is on people who are on the go, how do you portray that on a page?

:) Rebecca


  1. what an ADORABLE page!! and congrats on the two wheels--that is a BIG Deal!

  2. Love it! It DOES convey movement! Great job!
    Also congrats to your "little man"!

  3. yep you have certainly conveyed that sense of motion perfectly!

  4. Really fun page! You did a great job making the page feel the motion!

  5. Beautiful page. Love all the round elements at the bottom part. Super cute little flairs

  6. woohoo. love the boyness of this. great LO!