May 25, 2013

Scrapbook Circle's My Favorite and Back to the Grid...

The grid is a design I go back to again and again. It is fast and easy, it is fun to add lots of pictures, and then it allows you to get creative filling the non photo spaces. Also, it is a good way to use up scraps. Finally, it is an easy way to incorporate lots of patterns without overwhelming your photos. Here is my recent grid layout using the Scrapbook Circle May Kit My Favorite:
rk sc bits of us
Probably using 9 different patterned papers would overwhelm a layout if you used too much of each, but here in itty bitty squares they still let the photos do the talking. Once I have all my squares laid out the way I want, the fun begins and I get to play around with what other goodies I want to include, like the Maggie Holmes bow:

rk bits of us cu4
Or bits of the title, or a popped up Lily Bee sticker:

rk bits of us cu1
You can break out of the structure of the grid a bit to include some journaling strips from the Scrapbook Circle printable:
rk bits of us cu3
And frame the whole thing with another piece of the printable stitched to the bottom and some torn washi at the top:
rk bits of us cu2
So, do you love a good grid or do you find them too structured? Inquiring minds want to know!

:) Rebecca


  1. I noticed your new blog straight away, looks fab.... Yep I agree you have rocked the grin pattern on this one

  2. FABULOUS!! I really like how many pictures you have on this page!!

  3. All I need to do to get me back into the scrapping mood is to come visit your blog!
    Love how you can always work the magic with the grids. This looks great, Rebecca!

  4. my biggest struggle with scrapping (and well) is that I love to add lots of pictures. I love this. I do a lot of collage, but I need to try this grid. :)