Dec 8, 2011

This and That

Are you buckled in for the whirlwind ride that is the rest of 2011? Looking around I am not sure if everything is going to get done--not nearly! But it is not for lack of giving it the ole' college try. Thankfully soccer is over and so we are just in the midst of decorating, baking, wrapping, crafting, finishing up school for the quarter kind of frenzy. Tonight, Little Miss has her music program and the little guy's is next week. Add in a few holiday parties, Karate testing for a new belt and I have had enough! To top it off, I promised Little Miss I would sew her and the doll (that she MAY be getting for Christmas ;) ) matching pajamas! And you all know I only know how to sew on paper lol! Well, I finished her nightgown, but now I need to do the doll's--not looking forward to those teeny tiny sleeves --AAACK! I will take pictures when I am done--maybe ;)
And while I have been busy with some behind the scenes stuff that I can't share yet, I also have been around blog land a bit. This layout (made with Scrapbook Circle's December kit Note to Self) was on the Scrapbook Circle blog the other day HERE.
Yup, I am still feelin' the love for my typewriter...
And these ornaments, made with The Twinery twine and Therm O Web SuperTape was on the Therm O Web blog HERE.
Have a great week!
:) Rebecca


  1. your Lo about the typer writer couldn't be more PERFECT! and those ornaments... simply adorable! i may go give those a try. FUN!

  2. What a great kit to document your typewriter! I love mine too, use it all the time!

  3. SO fantastic Rebecca! I agree GLAD soccer is over-done with our concerts on to baking and decorating and wrapping! :)

  4. totally agree I love the story here Rebecca!

  5. That typewriter is so cool. Good luck keeping up with everything!

  6. I love that layout!! So much fun. And love the ornaments, too. Anything with twine I am willing to try, I love that stuff.

    My ankle surgery has really forced me to slow down this holiday season. I've done alot of shopping online and things we normally would have done are on hold. I'm kinda liking the slower pace!

  7. Hehe! I just loooove my typewriter too - maybe I should do a layout? Thanks for the inspiration and loving the Christmas look on your blog! x