Aug 10, 2011

Keep it Simple

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I was feeling greedy with my patterned paper the other day. Do you ever get that? Find a piece that you love and maybe cut a tiny bit off. Look at it again and cut another small piece and then carefully put it back. Sometimes I just don't want to use it all up at once. Well I only had a few sheets from American Crafts Peachy Keen collection and really wanted to use it, but didn't want to use it all on one layout. So I punched out a few squares and sewed them on and hoarded the rest lol! It makes for a simple layout, but one I am simply happy with:
Let me first say, that I did NOT edit her eyes at all in that photo--that is exactly how they look in real life.
I figured the Pearl brads were perfect for a layout about her pearly whites :)
More sewing, I can't seem to stop sewing on layouts, and I can't seem to find the energy to learn how to sew anything else lol:
Speaking of energy levels, this has been a draining week. Both kids started back to school on Monday (Little Miss in 1st Grade and Little Man in Pre K). We are all trying to get back into a good routine, making lunches, going to bed on time, up early, homework etc etc. Wanna see how cute they were on the first day?

 Those last two were edited with The Coffee Shop Blog's awesome new action Caramel Dreams, which I absolutely love.
And this one I just had to include because I rarely get one with both of them.
And with that...have a great night!
♥ Rebecca


  1. awwwww what little how you have used that paper, the squares are fab and the fresh colours are delightful!

  2. i love your sewing! something i can not do and although i love the look, do not want to learn. LOL! i'm so lazy... super cute lo. loooove the first day of school pictures! hope they both have a fantastic school year!

  3. oh, my goodness your kids are ADORABLE!! I agree with the paper hoarding comment, umm yeah let's just say I have some issues.... :) I know what I like! GREAT layout and SO fabulous about her eye color--GORGEOUS!

  4. Love your layout - so simple and a great design. Yay for loosing a tooth! Good luck getting back into the school groove! We've been back form almost 3 weeks and we're almost in the groove.

  5. What a fun layout! I love the squares! And I totally hoard my good papers, too. I hate using them all up.

    Good luck with school and the routine. We start in 2 weeks and I am dreading the morning routine. Your kiddies look great on the first day!

  6. They are so cute in their back to school pix! Can't believe they are back already though!

    Your daughter's eyes are stunning :) She's so lucky ;)
    Cute page... and yes, I get you on the paper hoarding! lol!