Jun 14, 2011

Who said?

Who said this little bean...

was allowed to turn into a 6 year old, seemingly overnight?
Certainly, not I. Six is such an interesting, scary, crazy time. We've already been through the transition into elementary school, but the idea of going into FIRST GRADE just sounds SO grown up! There is some ability to reign in the emotions and definitely mellowing as far as temper tantrums go, but on the other hand the battle for independence is definitely in full swing. She is really a very good kid, but she often works my very last nerve. She can be a button pusher, but the next minute she can be so kind and encouraging to her little brother that it melts my heart.
She is so creative and smart as a whip. She has a razor sharp memory for things like phonograms and poem recitation. She has a knack for numbers and an eye for creative design. She is a good eater and tries new foods constantly. She pushed us to let her try out Karate and to sign her up for weekly classes. We are so proud of her initiative and doing something out of her comfort zone. She is a good friend and always nice to others.When the mood strikes her, she is a good helper and listener. She loves music and dancing. I wish I had photos from the other day. We went to the bowling alley and they were playing fun dance music loudly. After every bowl, she would stop and just shake it or raise the roof. I couldn't stop laughing--it was pure joy to see her having so much fun.
"Sometimes" we butt heads. She pushes, I push back. We argue. She wants to do things her way and on her timetable. So, it always amazes me to hear that she wants to be like me. She has been leaving me little notes and cards that say, "I love you Mommy. You are the best Mommy ever." Sigh. 
And yet, she will always be Daddy's little girl.
They have the same sense of humor, sarcasm and competitive spirit. They have so many similar likes and dislikes--too many to list. 
All in all, six has gone by fast, way too fast. I certainly hope the next six years will go a bit more slowly, although I highly doubt it. We love you Little Miss. Happy 6th Birthday :)
♥ Mom


  1. Hope you have a fun day celebrating a special birthday!

  2. OOOOO happy happy happy birthday!!!

  3. Oh Rebecca, I loved reading about your daughter!!! I remember when my daughter was going into 1st grade (she just finished 2nd). I swear she grew SO much that year. Wonderful photo of you and your baby girl!!!

  4. how fun! Happy birthday to your sweet girl! :)

  5. A very special happy birthday to your little girl (or should I say big girl now!)... Thank you for sharing your thoughts and letting us into the sparkle of your sweet girl;s life.... I hope the transition into grade one isn't too hard on you Rebecca!

  6. It's so crazy how fast kids grow up! Happy birthday to your daughter!