Jun 25, 2011

I ♥ Echo Park

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I know if you've been here before you know how much I ♥ Echo Park.  I have a few new Echo Park projects to share and one quick tutorial too. The Cards blog had a challenge to create an animal shaped card. I decided on a fish card using Echo Park's Splash line. I started by making a fish template by drawing a fish shape free hand on cardstock in about 4x6".

I cut out my template and traced it onto a piece of cardstock folded into about 6x6.

 I overlapped on the top so that the card would fold up and down.

Then I punched half circles from various Splash patterned papers.
You will need a lot of half circles!

 I added a dollop of wet glue to the center of the half circles and started laying them down along the outside of the fish shape. I used wet glue in the center so the sides would curl up a bit and look a bit like scales.

Once I had gone around the fish and filled it in with "scales"

 I let the whole thing dry and then covered the scales with Rock Candy for texture and shine.

 I added a googly eye on top of a button, and some Pearl Paint around the mouth. The sentiment was placed on a rectangle of cardstock which I poked a hook through. The hook was made from a metal tag that I cut and bent. I added a fish from the sticker set of Splash and that is it!
Probably the most labor intensive card I've ever made, but totally worth it :)
I made a much simpler layout with Echo Park's Little Boy line and I wanted to show you that too because the layout is not about my little boy--instead it is about my little girl and her mood swings lol! It just goes to show you that Little Boy is not just for Little Boys:
And last but not least, one more layout that was included in my Elle's Studio gallery this month. Lots of Dots and Stripes (from the Candy Shoppe collection here:
Lots of stitching on this one, a few Maya Road pins and some cute Elle's Studio tags which complimented the Echo Park colors perfectly :)
From simple to labor intensive, I love using Echo Park collections on my cards and layouts.
Have a great night!
♥ Rebecca 


  1. Fabulous work on the fishy!! And so neat that you made a tutorial for it. Great idea! Love that layout about your daughter, too—great journaling. :)

  2. totally cool tutorial Rebecca! TFS and that bottom layout is just way tooooo adorable!

  3. that fish is so cute!! the tutorial makes me appreciate it that much more! :) GREAT layouts too--I'm sure loving my dots and dash echo park kit--LOVE them too! congrats again for being featured!

  4. Just saw your card on the Create blog!! Congrats again friend!! Of course your little fishy is just so neat & cute who wouldn't want it posted on their blog?

  5. These are so darn adorable...that fish, is a creative as you can get!

  6. ohmygoodness that is one amazing fish card. i heart your creativity! and envy it! love love your Lo's, too.

  7. Always love seeing what you create with fun bright paper lines like Echo Park! You always rock them. I like your tutorial on yhow you created the fish card too... very creative and fresh! I love that card to pieces!

  8. This card is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much.