Dec 28, 2010

The Aftermath

I hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with family, friends and lots of love. It was just the four of us this year, but we had a very nice, mellow Christmas. Although you'd never guess how mellow by looking at this shot lol:
It has actually been a rather hectic, crazy busy few weeks (as I am sure it has for everyone!).
We decorated the house and got our tree:
We saw the town tree:

Both kids had holiday parties and I got to volunteer at Little Miss's school for hers:
We went to see the Big Man (well, Little Miss saw Santa, Little Man, clung to Scott completely petrified. His grip was so tight that we would not have been able to remove him and place him on Santa's lap if we wanted to.)
We baked (and ATE) tons of treats. This year we made caramel chocolate cupcake cookie bites, jam butter cookies, fudge, sugar cookies and Black and Whites. This year I was a slacker and did not make the icing for the sugar cookies. I bought a can of Pillsbury green frosting. I only cut the cookies with ONE cutter--trees. I used cupcake liners to divvy up sprinkles so both kids got a bowl of frosting and a plate of sprinkles. I pre baked and cooled the cookies earlier that day. Soooo... cookie decorating was a HUGE hit ;)
And finally, on Christmas Eve, Santa paid us a visit:
We had a fun, Christmas morning and once it warmed up, the kids got to try out their absolute, without a doubt favorite present ever:
They bounced ALL weekend long. They bounced so much that they both complained about sore muscles on Monday!! And these are pretty active kids lol!!
And now we are definitely suffering from Christmas hangover. I noticed my little guy seemed a little off yesterday. I kept asking but he insisted that he was fine. How do Moms just KNOW? Last night he was up coughing. When I went in to give him water he had a fever. Today his eye started looking yucky so I ran him into the Dr. Turns out he has a pretty horrible EAR infection. She was shocked he hadn't complained about it. So after 5 and 1/2 years of having kids we are dealing with our first ear infection. I know most of you Moms are saying I should count my lucky stars this is our first. And I do, but the poor little guy is MISERABLE and it makes me sad to see him feeling so cruddy.
Speaking of the little dude, he was the subject of LAST week's ScrapTiffany challenge...BOYS. Of course I had to use Echo Park's Little Boy line *LOVE* it.
 The white buttons for the airplane smoke are Papertrey.
 Even after making the layout I am still in shock at how my little baby isnt a baby anymore!
And last but NOT least... there is some big news from Elle's Studio this week:
I can NOT WAIT! Be sure to head over to the Elle's Studio blog--they are going to be doing LOTS of sneaks and GIVEAWAYS!!
Have a happy (and healthy) week!
:) rebecca


  1. Hi REbecca! it was fun to read all you did during the hilidays!! busy mum!! your kids seem to have a lot of fun outside on the bouncer! here we are making snow men!!
    my girl had about 8 ear infections a year until she was 4! terrible! don't worry! as soon as they take medecines the pain goes away!
    love your layout and expecially the buttons smoke from the plane are awesome!! have a good day and hope your boy gets better soon!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday, Rebecca!!! I love how you did your photos, with the captions underneath. How did you do that? And wow on the bouncer! What a great gift, I bet your kids were worn out. So sorry your son is sick, hopefully he gets better quickly. Have a great New year!!

  3. AWWWW poor little guy, I hope he is better soon, Looks like you have had some fab last few weeks over CHristmas, I am lovin the simplicity of your layout Rebecca and those buttons are just perfect!, Hope you and your family have a fab NEW YEAR!

  4. Rebecca, Love all of your holiday photos! Hope your son is on the mend!

    Lovely wishing I had gotten that EP line.

  5. Soo love the picture of the aftermath! Can't wait to see that one scrapped! Looks like you had one terrific Christmas, and what fun those kids are having with the new bouncer!

    Love the new page with EP... so clever to use the buttons as you did for the plane smoke puffs! Love that!

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year ahead in 2011, Rebecca! :D

  6. fabulous photos! looks like you had a great christmas! :) i was just telling my MIL about your aftermath LO you did (a month ago?) and thought that was so funny! hope everyone is healthy soon and stays that way for a long time! (we're tired of fall/winter sickies here!)

  7. Love the summary of your holidays! Love you layout too, especially the airplane!!! Wishing you a happy new year!!

  8. What a wonderful holiday you had! so sorry to hear about your little boy! Thanks for sharing all your inspiration... have a happy new year!

  9. Love the holiday recap. Hope your guy is on the mend now. We also have made it all these years with no ear infections. Fingers crossed we can still keep it that way.