Nov 2, 2010

No way it is November already...

Some website had the gall to broadcast how many days I have until Christmas. Really?? Can't we just enjoy our families and time together without feeling like we are strapped to a rocket heading from Halloween to New Years?
In any case, Halloween weekend was a blast. I promised a pumpkin patch picture or two:
Little Dude picking out his pumpkin.
 Little Miss displaying her face paint.
 Little piggies gorging on a cracked pumpkin. These little guys were just born less than two weeks ago. Their large imposing Mom (who was quite literally pigging out on the pumpkin snack) made it difficult to get a good shot of them.
Then on Halloween we went over to our friends' house to trick or treat in their neighborhood. But first we took a few costume pictures in the back yard:
Little Miss was a My Little Pony (specifically Pinkie Pie--no I am not proud that I know all the My Little Pony names lol).
 and her brother was of course Superman. I am happy to report that he liked his costume even after the whole wanting to be Wall E then wanting to be Superman, then not wanting to be Superman when the costume arrived in the mail debacle. :)

So with Halloween come and gone it is time to gear up for the rest of the holidays. Remember the ScrapTiffany blog hop is next Monday and Tuesday--lots of holiday projects to jump start your inspiration.

Also the November kits are on sale at 3 Scrappy Boys. I don't design until next month, but the November gallery is fabulous and the kits look packed with goodies as always.

Finally, I wanted to share that I have my first layout up on the Upsy Daisy blog this week with the rest of the team--so exciting!! We were working with Kim's sketch for this month which looks like this:
And here is the layout I came up with using the Home Sweet Home collection:
Making this layout (after all the glue gunning, wreath making havoc I went through to create for a craft fair) was pure happiness. I misted the background with some Maya Road, inked some edges, hand stitched here and there and even stamped (the journaling block and "xo's" in the right hand corner). Sigh.I love the rich, warm colors in this collection with the little pops of green to brighten it up. I also love the fact that some of the Upsy Daisy patterned paper edges have quotes--this one was perfect for this layout. I have another project done, but can't share for a couple of weeks. Let's just say, I am already really enjoying my time with Upsy Daisy :) :)

Hope your Halloween was happy and your week is going well.
:) Rebecca


  1. just delightful Rebecca, esecially lovin the stitching in green really pops off the page

  2. great photos! glad everything worked out with the costume. :) Love the LO! Look forward to seeing your mystery LO. ;)

  3. love love the pics and the piggies :) i know how you feel..i am freaking out about november!!!!!!!!!!

    off to check out the blog..congrats on your first lo with them!!! it's awesome!

  4. Oh wow....your kiddos are just adorable!!! Fantastic layout too!

  5. Yay Congrats on Upsy Daisy! What a cute layout, fun title!!!

    The kids look so adorable for Halloween and I also love the face painting, especially the rainbow with the glitter!!! And yes, eek about NOVEMBER!!!! Imagine how I feel when we always take a vacation in early December and when I get back Christmas is smack dab in your face! EEK! But I guess I can't complain about a vacation.

  6. I love your layout!! And what gets me is that people start talking about Christmas right after Halloween and somewhere along the line Thanksgiving just gets pushed to the wayside. I think Thanksgiving is pretty important too!!! Great pics...they are so cute..and Izzy and I love my little pony. She loves her pinky-pie!! Even though sometimes she calls her pinky-poo:)

  7. That green is the perfect "pop" for the rich fall colors! Adorable costumes; you always take such fantastic pictures!

  8. They look adorable in the costumes! Too funny that those My Little Ponies have names like Pinkie-Pie... who knew? Certainly not me, lol! Luv it!! I just assumed they were known by their color... shame on me!!

    Great page design... I love the green stitching! Very glad that you are enjoying your time designing for Upsy Daisy! :)

  9. Beautiful layout and pictures...I know how you feel I already feel like I am behind on the Christmas shopping, ugh!

  10. Great layout! Fab pics! I can't believe how fast the year has gone wow.

  11. Hi Rebecca! I agree about time flying and how we need to enjoy it!!
    very sweet pictures of your kiddos!they look super cute in their costumes! love your take on the sketch! congrats for all your success!

  12. FUN Times!! And yes I can't believe it is November already. Where did the year go.

  13. Adorable pics and I'm feeling the same way about life/time speeding by us!