Sep 28, 2010

A Trying Tuesday

I did not make it to yoga today so I am a bit testy. Instead I dragged the kids to the doctor because I was sure Little Miss had strep throat. But it turns out it is a virus and we just have to power through it....ugh. She still has a touch of fever so no school again tomorrow. Double UGH.

On a more positive note, if you are interested in a quick, flower making tutorial, my Tuesday Tutorial is posted at Scrap Tiffany. I won't repost the whole tutorial here, but this is the flower I ended up with:
Seriously it will take you five minutes to make, and like the rolled roses they are sort of addicting lol! So stop by ScrapTiffany today and then again on Friday when my reveal of the Scraps Challenge is posted. Here is a little peak of that:

Hmmm, what else can I share today so I dont have to inundate you on Friday?? :)
Here is another layout from September's 3 Scrappy Boys Add On kit. On this layout for the newsletter I shared my favorite technique which is machine stitching...
And yes, I will continue to use different variations of that picture until I get another equally loved one :)
Little Man has been heavily featured in my layouts recently because I was feeling bad about how many fewer completed albums he has :(

Those adorable papers are Upsy Daisy. I hand stitched in yellow around the artisan shape. I bought those little canvas flags by Canvas Corp. It was one of those "I MUST have those" moments. I placed Thickers on each one, misted them with Maya Mist, removed the Thickers and outlined them with a brown slick writer. Then I ran the top edge through the sewing machine, overlapping just a bit so they were all attached and then glued them down and placed buttons on the corners.

And to be far, how about a girlie one?
Lots more handstitching on this one and LOTS of My Little Shoebox goodies. Who could resist those little birdies? :)
Have a great night and great week and stay healthy!


  1. My gosh love the flower and the layouts!

  2. I love the flower, I will have to hop over and find out how you made it. And great layouts!!! I find I have more layouts of my daughter lately, she's the only one right now that let's me take photos of her. I have to do some boy pages to catch up my son!!

    Hope your DD feels better tomorrow! And that you get a chance to hit yoga. That would make me grumpy, too.

  3. you are rocking the hand stitching Rebecca , love the,, the misting over the thickers is such a cool idea too

  4. Hi Rebecca! I love the hand stitching on your MLS layout! Come post it to our Facebook page to other fans can admire your layout!!/pages/My-Little-Shoebox/111148612239532?ref=ts

  5. That flower is just wonderfully beautiful!! The layouts are awesome!! :)

  6. oh my what a gorgeous blog!
    I love the flower so going to go see how you made it! Your layouts are awesome and the stitching is terrific!

  7. wow- so much stitching, but worth it- looks fantastic! love all your little details.

  8. what a sweet blog you have, and your scrapbooking is so pretty!

  9. well! we are not healthy either! both my kids and myself are sick so i know what you feel!! love your layouts! my heart goes to the crate paper one as i love this collection and love what you have done with it!! i am going to check the flower tutorial right now! thank you for sharing!!