Jul 17, 2010

Beating the Heat

It has been HOT. Really hot. It was up to 117 yesterday! And for those of you who like to say, "a dry heat isn't as bad", I say, you havent suffered through 117. Once you get over 110, hot is hot. To make matters worse, it really isn't a dry heat right now because we are in the middle of the "Monsoon" season. Lots of humidity. It hasn't rained yet, but even when it does, it doesn't really cool down. Basically we are sweaty and yucky and crabby. So we do what all the east coasters do during the worst of winter. We hunker down and stay inside. We watch movies, play games. And I scrapbook ;)

To begin with, the ScrapTiffany reveal (part II) for the monochromatic challenge was posted on Friday. For anyone not familiar with the term, monochromatic means using one color. Different shades of that color are fine. Here is my take on the challenge:

Lots of blue to go along with Little Miss's eyes and shirt.

For fun, I did this one:
Lots of Pebbles here, including that blue ribbon. I love these Pebbles spools of ribbon. The border was punched with one of my new Kreaxions punches.

I got some good news on Facebook yesterday too. I was one of the winners of the Echo Park Walk in the Park Challenge!! I think the prize is their new line! I am so excited to get my hands on it!! Here is one layout I made with Walk in the Park using a Stephanie Howell sketch:

And I told you I was behind on my thank yous, right? So here are a few more using A Walk in the Park:

I guess that is enough for now. We are watching Wall E and eating ice cream. The air conditioner is pumping, so all is right with the world :) Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. It's so hot here too!! I love your layouts and cards!! So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. hi! thank you for your kind comment on my layout!! i love your blue layout and it makes me want to try monochromatic layouts! i never tried but i will soon! congrats for winning the echo park price! i am using their summertime line to do a layout for pencillines right now!! eating ice cream and watching funny movies are the best remedies against heat!! have a great sunday!!

  3. Way to pump out the projects. Fabulous stuff as usual :) Love them :)

  4. Okay...it's not THAT hot here. Now I feel a little bad for complaining about the heat, LOL!!! Sounds like you are staying cool. And great projects, I love all the cards and my favorite layout is the clown layout. Love it!

  5. goodnes me Rebecca that blue one i sstunning and your clown one!!!! jawdroppingly fabulous!!!!

  6. we are so on the same page...i am heading over here and i see your post!

    and hello hot stuff! your new profile pic...omg...gorgeous!

    and a huge huge congras on the echo park. you know how much i love your goodies...too bad we are not close so i can share :)

  7. Wooo-Hoooo, on the Echo Park toot! That's way cool... I missed that (prolly cuz I still never got any of Walk in a Park to play with yet)! That's awesome... the third line coming out ROCKS too! Lucky girl!

    Love these fabulously fun and colorful pages! You all have cheerful bright pages that make me smile!

  8. What adorable layouts, of course with such an adorable little face..how can you go wrong?

    Crank up that AC is all I can say about the heat. Oh, and I'm really glad I don't live in heat like that anymore.

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Love all you did with the Echo Park goodies. They are so fun. I am so over this heat, too bad we still have about 3 more months of it.

  10. Super cute! Hope you stay cool!!!

  11. Beautiful projects...especially love the clown one...so fabulously colorful!