Mar 22, 2010

Person You Would Most Like to Meet

Well, it is Monday (for a few more hours anyway!!) and the new ScrapTiffany challenge is posted. The challenge is to scrap the person you would most like to meet whether living or not. I thought about this one for a bit. There are people I am interested in, writers, actors, musicians, photographers etc, but I am not really interested in meeting people I admire or whose work follow. If I could actually be friends with them or hang out in their circle that would be cool, but meeting someone just doesnt do it for me. I remember reading a comment by Jack Black about Jack White of the White Stripes. He said something along the lines of, I don't ever want to meet Jack White because there is no way he could be as cool as I imagine him to be. And that is sort of how I feel about anyone famous. So that kind of narrowed it down quite a bit! But the more I thought about it I realized there is someone right in my own family who I never got to meet. My Mom's grandmother. I've seen pictures of her and I've heard stories about her and out of this minimal amount of information I have determined she must have been one of the strongest women ever. And I wish I had the chance to meet her. I don't have any pictures of her (Note to self to ask mom for some copies of the older family photos--no pressure Mom, don't try re-arranging your furniture to get to the old pictures lol) so I went with a photoless layout this time:

I may be a teeny bit addicted to these rolled paper flowers ;) Seriously I cant stop making them!

I used a white gel pen to add some faux stitching around the gray letters to make them stand out more.

Everything on this layout was from the Girl's Loft kit I won on The PaperLife. I think the kit was their February kit. Anyway, go on over to ScrapTiffany (who was interviewed on The PaperLife--do you see how the 6 degrees of separation thing works in scrapbooking too lol!) and check out the other fabulous designs. If you take the challenge, be sure to email it to Tiffany.

Oh, and I foresee more blog posts in my future this week...Serendipity Scrapbooks is hosting a crop this weekend!! It is called Sweet Taste of Serendipity CropWe have a ton of challenges and fun things planned.....and of course there will be prizes, so be sure to stop by.


  1. What a fabulous LO! I know what you mean about meeting famous.

  2. I think the same way about someone famous. Love that you did the LO even without a picture. And I love those flowers and need to make one.

  3. I just can't master those rolled flowers. But yours are awesome!
    Love the lo!

  4. Great non-photo page! Love how you added the stitch marks around the lettering.

  5. Beautiful page! I feel the same way about meeting people I admire. I'd rather keep them on the pedestal! LOL! I have GOT to try those rolled flowers. Yours look FABULOUS!

  6. Your rolled flowers are fabulous Rebecca!! I love that you did a layout with no photos, it's really lovely. Such great details!

  7. well that got me all choked up. i think that is an amazing choice.

    it's beautiful!!!

    and yeah for the crop this weeeknd :)

  8. I love your write-up about this layout. I've met many famous people and they are hardly ever what they are cracked up to be. There are lots of people in the Bible or in History I would like to meet. I love that it was someone in your family! You are a talented artist and a very wise woman!