Jan 1, 2010

Top 10 Favs of 2009

I really wanted to get this post out BEFORE 2010, but it didnt happen. Better late than never right? I was cleaning up my files of layouts and putting all the 2009 layout photos into one neat file. And as I flipped through, I picked out my top 10 favorites. It's always hard for me to pick favorites. I usually like the one I did most recently the best lol! But I gave it a go...

This one tells a story I really want to remember about Little Man not being able to pronounce the letter V and how I almost didn't want to teach him ;)

This one is a fav because it has pics of Scott and I from when we lived in San Francisco. I didnt have a great camera back then and so I havent scrapped a lot of those pictures, and this was fun to do.

I loved all the ledger stitching I saw this year. Here's my take on it and this was a big day for Little Miss--her first day of Pre K.

Love a simple design and that look.... Need I say more??

I love everything about this one...an old pic of Scott and I (before we had kids), the Road Map collection from October Afternoon was one of my favorites from this year, the fact that I had  circle punch exactly the same size as the circles on the patterned paper. It was just fun to really enjoy a layout about us.

This one made it onto the Cosmo Cricket blog:

This one made it onto the Jillibean Soup blog:

This one made it onto the Sassafras blog:

I love these pictures of the boys with the woodgrain background:

and this one was from my Guest Designer month at Coordinates Collections

Wow, was that really ten already?? How about a few bonus ones?

This was one of my first layouts from 2009. I just LOVE these pictures. They crack me up.

This one was an American Crafts challenge winner--I won the whole Craft Fair line!

This one won me a Guest Design spot at Create My Keepsake. Miss that place :(

And this card won me an honorable mention on the Hero Arts blog:

Alright, I could keep doing this all night long. It is so fun to look back! What I love about this is I can SEE my progression in just a year. Learning more about photography, design, different techniques, sewing etc. Then add the fun of seeing the kids growing up and remembering the stories from the past year. All in all, I am so grateful to have found this craft, have amazing beautiful kids for subjects and a generally supportive (if a bit grumbling at times) husband who tries to understand my need for creative time and space. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking this trip down memory lane with me. I have some exciting new things to share within the next few months so 2010 will be starting with a bang around here!


  1. Those are all great LOs Rebecca!!! And WOW I didn't realize you got around so much in the scrappy world. Good for you!

  2. Beautiful projects REbecca!!!! You've done some amazing work this past year, can't wait to see what you create in 2010!!

  3. All sooooo fabulous! And you go with your award-winning self. Can't wait to see what you do in 2010!

  4. Wonderful year for you! Everything is wonderful... and yea, I really miss CMK too :(

  5. It's been a pleasure to see your LOs on your blog because the colors are so much more vivid! The chapstick photos are adorable and really did make me LOL.