Jan 29, 2010

It is Serendipitous!!


[ser-uhn-dip-i-tuhs]  Show IPA
1.come upon or found by accident; fortuitous: serendipitous scientific discoveries.
2.of, pertaining to, or suggesting serendipity.
3.good; beneficial; favorable: serendipitous weather for our vacation.
1940–45; serendipit(y) -ous 

ser⋅en⋅dip⋅i⋅tous⋅ly, adverb
Dictionary.com Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010

This is just my not very subtle way of saying.....WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!I was selected to be on the Serendipity Scrapbooks Design Team! This place is a blast, packed to the rim with talent and offers some amazing monthly kits. You can see the DT announcement HERE. I had to make a couple of layouts specifically for the application. I figured I would share them here...

Definitely come stop by to chat, upload some projects to the gallery, check out the kits and see all the CHA preorders available in the store.  

The new kit is shipping early next week and I CANNOT wait to get started. I will share more as soon as I can :)


  1. Congratulations!!!! That's exciting news. Your layouts are wonderful, too. I love your daughter's great big eyes!!

  2. hehehe...I figured that must be the secret when I saw your title. Congrats!!!! :) it's a very fun place.

  3. congratulations! that's awesome! i love your work!

  4. Love these layouts just marvelous, I am a huge fan of that farm fresh!! Congrats on making that team they have some super cool ladies over there!!

  5. Ya know that I am sooo very excited to be on this terrifically talented team with you! :D We are in for a super fun 6 months for sure :)

    Loved your entry!